Yoga and Massage

Balance your mind and body


Sunrise Yoga
Our energising morning classes will be dynamic and invigorating, designed to gently awaken the body and mind. These will be a blend of Hatha (aims to align and calm the mind and body) and Vinyasa (repeating a series of poses, increase body heat and building strength).

Sunset Yoga
Our calming evening classes are designed to restore and relax the body. These will be a blend of Yin Yoga (works deep into the connective tissues), Restorative yoga (meditative practice) and guided mediation.

Yoga Locations:

Yoga Gardens – At AltaVista we have dedicated a quiet tranquil garden for yoga and meditation, out of the wind and surrounded by trees for shade, it’s the perfect secluded spot.

Yoga Studio – Our yoga studio was purpose built to provide a shaded spacious covered studio that overlooks our luscious orchard garden.

Pool Terrace – For larger groups we have a large terrace next to the swimming pool.

Ocean Front Gardens – We offer yoga every week-day in the idyllic ocean front gardens overlooking the sea. Small private groups from AltaVista can also be offered. With the smell and sound of the sea this is a wonderful experience. Roughly 15 minute walk from AltaVista.

Yoga and Massages can be booked on arrival or a few days in advance in Peak Season except the packages which need to be booked in Advance
Book your room to reserve your place then add activities or a package later.

You can book  some Yoga and Massage sessions on arrival.
To reserve your place BOOK YOUR ROOM then MESSAGE us anytime to ADD ACTIVITIES

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