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Learn to wakeboard in the sunny Algarve! We are thrilled to offer both behind the boat and cable wakeboarding, perfect for all levels. Come discover the thrill of wakeboarding with us

Praia da Luz is a large bay naturally sheltered from the wind that provides calm water and perfect conditions for water skiing and wakeboarding. It is regarded as possibly the best beach for powerboat watersports in the Algarve and is just a few minutes walk from from AltaVista Lodge.

The skill, thrill and excitement of gliding at speed on water skis has long been the ‘must do’ watersport. Wakeboarding has evolved from water skiing, surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. It combines the thrill and speed of water skiing with the balance and skill of surfing.

Nearby in Lagos, a new two tower system Wakeboard Park has recently opened with two lines and plenty of features proving the ideal flat conditions for both beginners and experts who are looking to perfect tricks and jumps.

Prices per person
Water Skiing – Beach Mar – Oct
Beginners Course Guarantees to get you up & skiing I hr 80 €
Beginner or Intermediate Single Water Ski Lesson 1/2 hr 50 €
Intermediate Mono skiing, deep water starts 1 hr 80 €
Kids Water Skiing School Basics for kids 8 – 12 1 hr 70 €
Water Skiing Session 15 min 25 €
2x Water Skiing Sessions 45 min 60 €
3x Water Skiing Sessions 75 min 100 €

Wakeboarding – Beach per person Mar – Nov
Beginners Course Introduction to wakeboarding 1 hr 70 €
Beginner to Intermediate Single wakeboard lesson 1 hr 80 €
Advanced Clear wakes and ride backwards 1 hr 80 €
Kids Wakeboard School Basics for kids 8 – 12 1 hr 70 €
Wakeboarding Session 15 min 25 €
2x Wakeboarding Sessions 45 min 60 €
5x Wakeboarding Sessions 75 min 100 €

Wakeboarding Parque Mar – Oct
Beginners Course Introduction to Wakeboarding 1 hr 60 €
Beginners to Advanced Wakeboard Cable Session 1 hr 27 €

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